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1. Some worthy links for alternative cheap and clean ubiquitous renewable energy, sustained by solar infrared radiation energy.

       The next are some interesting videos and links 
       for the  emergence during 20th and 21ts century of 
       the new clean energy model    

0) I believe that cheap and clean ubiquitous renewable energy (c.u.r.e.) is where the new energy model converges from where it is right now. Right now the natural gas seems to be the core of the development, which is not renewable energy. On the other hand solar, and wind renewable energy seem still expensive. It may take 10, 20,30, or 50 years to reach the point  where renewable energy will be much cheaper than natural gas, nuclear and oil. But even so, a present time slower development of cheap renewable ubiquitous energy has to  develop and be studied. The best storage of the renewable energy seems to be Hydrogen. And there is much innovation right now on the methods of production of hydrogen.

The shift to the new 21st century energy model, is not simply some new technology or inventions it requires a deeper shift of our habitual consciousness and mental conceptions, about what is and how is the physical material reality. 
Maybe it will not be possible to explain the source of this renewable energy in full University formal mathematical mode before the next happen
1) Accept  the material reality of the electromagnetic and gravitational field as consisting of  permanent particles  transcendentally finer than protons , neutrons electrons. The current concept of the classical field as "energy in empty space" is inadequate. We are acustomed to believe that the energy of the electromagnetic and gravitational field is only so much as we give it by the solid material bodies that "create"  it. Therefore we think that it could not be possible to extract more than what we have already given....But it seems that the physical reality is different and deeper. The energy of the electromagnetic and gravitational field is much more than what we give by material solid bodies, which do not "create" it but simply  shape it. 
2) Reformulate the J. C. Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism for the laboratory scale electromagnetic field.
3) Reformulate the Newtonian and A. Einstein's concepts and equations of the gravitational field.
4) The 1), 2), 3) together with the addition of the dynamic (aether-dynamic) and not only the static part of the new universal attraction (gravitation) , essentially make a new macroscopic (laboratory scale) unified field theory (aether-field). 

Obviously this great change may mean 1-2 new lucky Nobel prize winners

The next are classical and current physics assumptions, that I believe, that in the new millenium physics, they will be proven wrong.

1) The inertial mass of bodies ( of constant amount of molecular matter) at low speed (non-relativistic) cannot be decreased below the inertia of the rest mass. 
2) All matter starts with protons, neutrons, electrons. In other words, there are not smaller permanent particles (Quantum particles are excluded as they are not permanent) 
3) Nothing goes faster than photons 
4) All macroscopic electromagnetic interactions are described with the linear equations of Maxwell. 
5) All forces acting on laboratory macroscopic objects at low speed (non-relativistic) are of the next 5 types a) Inertial, b) by contact with other material bodies made from protons, neutrons, electrons, c) Newtonian gravitation forces d) Maxwell's electromagnetic forces e) no other type of forces.

The more correct attitude is that
1) It is possible under special conditions to have radical decrease of the inertia of the rest mass of a body in slow motion
2) Aether is a 2nd material reality made from permanent particles of positive negative and neutral charge, transcendentally finer than protons-neutrons-electrons and the electromagnetic and gravitational field is aspects of the functions of aether.
3) To say than nothing goes faster than light in aether, is like saying than no airplane can go faster than the sound, in air.
4) The linear Maxwell equations of electromagnetism are correct only for a limited realm of experiments those discovered at the end of the 19th century, not all laboratory scale experiments that we now know. They need revision, and their correct version include parameters of gravitation too, and are non-linear.
5) Besides, inertial forces, classical electromagnetic forces and Newtonian and Einsteinian gravitational forces, and forces by contact of bodies,  exist also a 5th type of macroscopic laboratory scale forces on bodies from the rest of the gravitational field that we do not know. (In underground physics, this unknown field is called anti-gravity or the classical gravity is called aether-statics and this field, aether-dynamic field of the neutral aether) 

Where in particular classical laboratoty electromagnetism is wrong:
1) Moving charges (current) create in a dynamic way vector electromagnetic potential  and electric field, which CANNOT be derived from the Coulobs law after superimposing the motion. In particular accelerating charge is producing electric field which cannot be derived simply from the Maxwell equations by the changing magnetic field of the moving charge. 
2) For fast moving (e.g. rotating) magnets, the magnetic field seazes to be conservative! 
Rarely in fluid dynamics the field of rotations (curl) of a fluid is conservative! The fact that for static magnets it is at a very good aproximation conservative, does not mean that in general and at all possible states, that the magetic field is concervative. 


Here is a perspective for a scientific explanation of almost all free-energy devices. The difficulty is not in the complication of the device, but in our deeper change of our paradeigm of the physical reality. We think that all material physical reality starts with the triad of particles of protons-neutrons-electrons that create the elements of the periodic system, the molecules and all the rest. But the electromagnetic and gravitational field escape from this paradeigm, although we prove that they have momentum density, inertia and energy. They are not made from protons-neutrons-electrons, although the seem to be a material reality. In the Universities we think of them as "Empty space" where energy propagates. It is the wrong paradeigm. The correct paradeigm is that ( and it is obvious to me) these two fields are aspects of a finer material resolution and density that again consists of particles. Of course, as these particles are not the protons-neutrons-electrons we might call them micro-prontons/micro-neutrons/micro-electrons, and have to be permanent. All quantum particles are excluded as they are not permanent.  We could call it 2nd material density or resolution. In the past centuries it was called aether (in the 20 century a discredited term).

For the sake of clarity let us give an example. Let as imagine the picture of the atom of hydrogen. A proton in the nucleus and an electron randomly rotating in a probabilistic orbital around it. How the new paradeigm of an additional 2nd layer of the physical reality would change it? Simply we would  consider the space between the electron and the protons not as " empty space" but we would assume a vast number of transcendentally finer particles, say 10^35 times smaller than the electron, that although consisting of positive, neutral and negative, in total density are neutral, and make the " hidden standing waves " that affect the quantum random motion of the electron.These aetherorn-particles are as perament as the proton. 

As long as we think of it as "empty space" there is no way we can account for the source of free-energy. But if we conceive it as a 2nd finer material layer, then all become enlightened. We are acustomed to believe that the energy of the electromagnetic and gravitational field is only so much as we give it by the solid material bodies that "create"  it. Therefore we think that it could not be possible to extract more than what we have already given....But it seems that the physical reality is different and deeper. The energy of the electromagnetic and gravitational field is much more than what we give by material solid bodies, which do not "create" it but simply  shape it. Of course this is a major change in the Academic Physics. It would require 1) Re-writing the Maxwell equation of electomagnetism 2) Re-writing the equations of Newtonian and Eisteinian gravitation. And this might mean 2 nobel prices to two lucky new University professors in Physics. Puting aside this difficulty in social evolution, we may anticipate the general explanation. Almost all free-energy devices create at least one  asymmetric small tornado in the electromagnetised aether (=chaged aether and in motion). (Some times two oposite rotating such small tornados) Except of the gravity wheels that they do so, not in the charged aether(=electromagnetised aether), but in the neutral aether. And from the atmospheric analogue of conical tornados we know that as the air is moving in spiral from the narrow section to the wide section, the air expands, the temperature drops ,heat energy is extracted and converted to kinetic energy that sustains the tornado. Similarly with the electromagnetised (or neutral ) aether, only that here the aether temperature seems to be proportional to the scalar gravitational potential φ, thus we can say also that the energy is extracted from the potential energy of the gravitational field. This classically seems impossible for the gravitational field, but on the other hand we know only the 3/10 to 6/10 of what is really the gravitational field. For more on this line of thought see the Blog

which originated from an invitation of the author by the British Aerospace at the University Of Lancaster

As a final remark, we should point-out that more modern scientific approaches, tend to realise earth (and any planet, or celestial bodies like the moon, and even the stars like the sun) as hollow spherical shells rather than dense material spheres, and their gravitation due to aether-heat as comming mainly not from the presence of the matter of the planet, but rather from the infrared solar radiation which creates aether-heat in a phenomenon like the "green-house-effect" in  hollow balls. From this perspective the "free-energy" of various inventions is mainly a form of stored solar energy  , in the gravitational and electromagnetic field ("G-solar energy" where G is for  Gravitation ), or rather in general in the aether-field (thus aether-Solar energy).Alternative term Aether-Heat or 2nd-layer material heat.

I quote here from a Blog that I like to read:

The necessary change of our paradigm and beliefs about the material physical Reality: 

Our perception and experience of the physical reality depends mainly on our beliefs and concepts about the physical reality, our state of development of our planetary civilization and external to humanity constraints. We must not forget it. We must not be sure that all there is to know about physical reality is all that we already know. 
The more we evolve as civilization and individual consciousness the larger and deeper the physical reality becomes. 
Whole new worlds of deeper physical reality are waiting for us, as we advance our consciousness and spiritual and scientific understanding. And together with these worlds, new scientific knowledge, new inventions, and new abilities for a  longer and better quality inner and outer life.

As an example: 
We are accustomed to thing that all the material reality starts from the triad of protons, neutrons and electrons. Then atoms are shaped, the periodic system of elements, molecules, and inorganic compounds, with their energies, then the  inorganic world, then the world of plans and then the world of animals . We also tend to think that beyond this "tree of material creation" of the material physical reality, no other material physical reality exists but emptiness and vacuum.

 As long as we hold to the above belief, we may miss important inventions, sources of renewable energy and abilities for medical cure. Simply because we narrow the true deepness of the material physical reality, and blind our practice about our true abilities by interacting , studying and creating rational sane scientific knowledge about deeper material reality.

The very existence of the electromagnetic and gravitational field, with their momentum, and  inertia mass, as scientists know it, betrays the above belief about of emptiness and vacuum beyond the classical atoms. Maybe  we should enhance the above 1st "tree of material creation" of the accepted material reality with a second additional and finer "tree of material creation" that includes the material reality of the electromagnetic , gravitational field, or what was called in older centuries "aether" and in which the 1st "tree of material creation" or 20th century material reality, is embedded and interacts. If we do that, then we might discover an abundance of ways to produce cheap, clean ubiquitous renewable energy, and cure many so far incurable diseases.  Maybe so as to discover the macroscopic unifying aether-field of electromagnetism and universal attraction that will reveal new forms of renewable energy, we might need also learn more  how to unify the sexual eroticism and  love. 
This enhancement of both our paradigm of what is physical material reality and also experience of the physical material reality, depends on advancing our individual consciousness, improve our values,  and the civilizations practice. 


In the past the inventions and inventors of free-energy have been suppressed by some alien intention crypto-piracy of planetary scale. The rumours say that: 

The manipulation from the civilizations from the constallations of Orion, Dracon, Sirius B is done mainly through the creation of a planetary scale crypto-piracy and coup regime that jeopardizes democratic governments , and highjack the power of public states. 

It seems that this crypto-piracy becomes the vehicle of the final alien monstrous intention of destroying the majority of the humanity, in a way that it seems as if humanity itself destroyed itself through neglecting of the environment, over-population aggressiveness, financial over-debt etc. so that the remaining humanity that will be ....the Aryan race, is eventually enslaved by the above reptilian races. 

This crypto-piracy has neo-Nazi philosophy, and some of the crimes so far are:

1) Creation and spread of the aids virus
2) Murdering of the Kennedy's
3) Deception of public by the creation and use of clones for Rockefeller and Carter, and some other public figures.
(It seems that some public figures are not real anymore are already murdered, and their clones function instead of the original, which are totally controlled by the crypto-piracy. This explains the common expressed feeling by now, of millions of people, that many public figures turn "mysteriously" against the true interest of their voters, and serve essentially malevolent will for humanity, just after the are elected and get in power.)
4) Setup and lock of the monetary-banking system so as to lead to over-debt, increased economic differences and non-solvency
5) Murdering of free-energy inventors
6) Abduction of children to become laboratory experiment animals or food to monsters
For more about that see

See also the next relevant video

A very brave and remarkably successful, for one only man, working for the resolution of the  global planetary issues of the current state of humanity was the  comprehensive anticipatory design scientist Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983). 
He was  very good example of the psychology of the planetary scale human being, in the service of the totality of humanity and the planet. 
Some of his renewable energy philosophy is found in the global energy network (grid) of linking renewable energy production in the planet.

Preliminary Remark about the links of free-energy devices:
The links of free-energy devices are of three types
a) Genuine valuable inventions
b) On purpose misinformation with fake free-energy devices (from ill-purposed  groups)
c) Failure inventions that the "inventor" cannot or does not want to admit it.
We try as much as possible to avoid the types b) and c). 
Sometimes the inventor has the wrong explanation of why his device works and gives extra energy, or he has redundant parts in his device. Still his overall invention might be a valuable experimental discovery, for the coming developments in physics and engineering.

1) A site with almost all the history of free-energy (=cheap and clean  renewable energy which is ubiquitous, C.U.R.E. the planet from CO2.  Most of the arcived inventions, extract energy from the heat of aether), is the next. But most of these  20th century models of generators are both too complicated and too expensive to build for a house or village.  I recommend it only for reviewing the history not utilizing devices.

An open source online University dedicated to free energy:

On air cars and  "Self-Running Ambient Air Heat Engines"   that substract heat from the atmospheric air and run the engine while refilling the used compressed air from the tank if there is at all one, here
Article: The Problem of Increasing Human Energy" by Nikola Tesla
(The above video  is refering among others to the next inventors
J. Newman (where output power/input power= some thousands)
Norman  Wootan (where output power/input power=256)
Reidar Finsrud
Aldo Costa gravity wheel's_Gravity_Motor
Chas Campbell gravity wheel (where output power/input power= up to 10)

Remark about gravity wheels: Mostly the inability to understand and explain the gravity wheels , based on the traditional university classical physics, is due to the implicit  hypothesis that a) The inertial rest mass is always unchanged and cannot be decreased more than the rest inertial mass  during the low speed (non-relativistic) motion b) It is impossible to extract energy from the potential energy of the gravitational field. c)  All forces acting on laboratory macroscopic objects at low speed (non-relativistic) are of the next 5 types 1) Inertial, 2) by contact with other material bodies made from protons, neutrons, electrons, 3) Newtonian gravitation forces 4) Maxwell's electromagnetic forces 5) no other type of forces. Nevertheless we really know only about 3/10 to 6/10 of what truly is the gravitational field and inertia. And the above three hypotheses may turn out both wrong, with appropriate experiments and theory.)

Also a more modern comprehensive site

Of course we should not forget Tesla that one century ago, had made already free-energy devices

Mini Tesla Coil

Tesla flying disc

The movie about Tesla

Here is a very good video presenting free-enegy inventions from the time of N. Tesla till today, an impressive list of remarkable inventors, very well presented, and covering a great range of the spectrum of aether  free-energy  from magets, sparks and discharges,  plasma states of matter, and cold fusion.

2) The next site is the most scientifically serious approach that I have found in the web for free-energy (=cheap renewable energy, that in most of the cases it is from the heat of aether). It is by Jean-Louis Naudin (France). Nevertheless he just builds in his laboratory  the devices makes measurements and confirms or not the claims, publishing the results. The academic science cannot for the time being cover and explain free-energy (=cheap and clean ubiquitous renewable enerrgy). For the academic science to do so it must a) Re-write the Maxwell's equations of classical electromagnetism b) Re-write the equations of gravitation of Einstein. Both might mean 2 Nobel prizes for 2 lucky physicists.

3) In the previous site of Jean-Louis Naudin there is probably the cheapest (100$-200$) and easiest to construct (and power for free by 1kw your house)  free-energy generator (without moving parts, only 2-3 coils. It extracts through a vortex created by the coils in the electromagnetised aether , the heat of aether), a discovering-invention (2010)  by the Russian  (Georgia) Tariel Kapanadz(where output power/input power=about 2)

4) The next site is mainly a recent discussion-forums site for free energy (=cheap and clean unibiquitous renewable energy=c.u.r.e. Again most of the inventions extract energy from the heat of aether. And the heat of aether is related to the potential energy of the gravitational field.).  Not all the discussions there are good or worthy.Its best feature is that it organizes competitions with money prizes and honors for the best free inventions (called there overunity devices, in the sense that the performance is above unity: Output energy exceeds the accountable known input energy. The rest incoming energy is not known or accountable).
     So free-energy(=cheap ubiquitous  renewable energy) comes now with third-party assessments , refereeing etc

See also the link about the free-energy congress 2011 at Barcelona Spain.


The next document is from  a lecture in the Lancaster University for free-energy (=cheap and clean ubiquitous renewable energy), (only for trained academic physicists. It explains why the inventions of free energy, are impossible according to the academic mathematical predictions of the equations of electromagnetism and gravitation.  It explains that matter does not start from the protons , electrons and neutrons, but also the classical fields of electromagnetism and gravitation is a finer resolution , density and layer of material reality (aether). It suggest a unification and enhancement of these two fields through the reality of aether, and relates the potentials of the electromagnetic field and gravitational field with gaseous parameters of aether. Most of the inventions of free-energy are explained as energy extraction from the heat of aether, either in neutral state [e.g. gravitational field] or in electromagnetised  aether [=charged aether and in motion]).

Also from the same author a simpler text about "The 12 laws of the new millennium physics" 
 It simply points-out where the classical academic physics approach fails so as to explain the free-energy (=cheap renewable energy).  

6) The next links are not intented so as to take plans to construct any free-energy (=clean ubiquitous renewable energy, C.U.R.E.) device but simply to be aware of the best success and companies in this new energy-model

a) The water car my Stan Meyer.

It is based on the renewable energy property of oxydrogen (HHO) when burned upon metals (and ceramics) to release more  thermal energy, than the energy given to make the electrolysis of water and produced the HHO. Most probably this energy too is extracted from the heat of aether at an atomic level. In addition Stan Meyer has invented an electrolysis without electrolyser, by putting the cylindrical electrodes very close 1-2mm, and exercising square impulse electricity at an optimal frequency experimentally found for the device. His electrolysis gives HHO with 7 times more stored energy that the energy given for the electrolysis. Most probably this energy too is extracted from the heat of aether at an atomic level at the ions H+ and HO- .

         We may mention here the findings of Tadahiko Mizuno (Hokkaido University) of             excess  heat at high voltage-electrolysis of water, published  at the Japanese Journal of applied   physics (see e.g.

      Academic physics due to the lack of understanding of the material reality of the electromagnetic field and gravitational field (aether) , is forced to assume that the excess energy is from the annihilation of some particles from the atoms of water. But it is by far more probable that the excess energy is from tiny vortexes or twisters of aether during the high voltage electrolysis that extract energy from the heat of aether.
Besides, the atom itself is the best "free-energy" generator or motor, or energy-transformer between the material level of aether from the one side , and the other side the classical material level made from protons, neutrons, electrons.  

Here is more cases of how water can become a medium of extracting aether heat, in extreme water-stress or electrolysis etc

        See also the water car of Denny Klein

         See also an electric car utilizing energy from the heat of the electromagntised aether 
         by  Troy Reed

EBM in Hungary: Renewable form of energy from the heat of electromagetised 


It is probably the oldest (20-30 years) factory of free-energy generators in Europe 

(Hungary, with Canadian 

capital) They build installations up to 10 MW, that cost at least 3-times less than 

ordinary electricity from coal ,oil 

or solar panels

Official site

c) In Australia

d) The next is not a 21st century invention of clean ubiquitous renewable energy.

as it is as old as of the 70's or 80's of the 20th century. So it should be together with 

other similar 20    century    inventions, like that of the magetic motors of J. Searl 


v=pUUvhuQtba4&feature=related ), B. DePalma (


P.Tewari     ( or cold   electricity of E. Gray 


But because of its simplisity and low technology, and because of its use by 

a community, I post it here.

Testatika (also a very simple-primitive generator that extracts energy

 from the heat of electromagnetised aether through the creation and handling of 

 electrostatic electircity . It was  invented by Paul Baumann and was

 used for decades to power the community of Methernitha  in Switzerland

 It  is good also for   eco-communities too):

The testatika is essentially the Wimshurst machine, that is rotated not manually but
with a small electric motor, powered by a battery, at about 30 rotations per minute.
It is two parallel discs rotating at opposite direction. Both have radically metal strips. One has double the number of the other. As they rotate the free-electrons of the metal due to centrifugal forces go to the circumference. So the circumference has more voltage than the centre. So also the circumference of the disc with more radial metal strips compared to the other disc.
The output current is collected with electrodes-brushes that do not touch the discs mainly from the outer circumference of the two discs. It is high voltage continuous current that has to be stepped down to lower voltage and more amperes. The output energy is more than the input energy. So it charges the battery of the motor, and there is surplus energy to power lamps and other devices.
The magnetic field of the opposite rotating discs is mutually repelling.
The air-temperature at the area of the rotating discs is continuously lower compared to the ambient temperature. So part of the free energy is air-heat which is subtracted and converted to current. The rest is from the aether-heat of the expanding magnetic field, and asymmetric aether-micro-tornado which is converted to current.
Because of the easiness to find or buy or construct Wimshurst machines , it is recommended for eco-communities too. It is also highly reliable as it has been used at least for 20-30 powering communities and villages. 
For 1kW the dics must have a radius of about 70 cm, and the one disc must have 16-24 radial metal strips while the other 8-12.

ΜΙΤ video about Wimshurst

How to build a Wimshurts

In USA : Renewable form of energy from the electromagetised aether

See also the geometry (two 12-star polygones) of the Marko Rodin Coil, that it is know to have significant properties of resonance and energy extraction from the heat of the electromagnetised aether.

7) The next video of a talk , expresses the right philosophy and spirit of free energy (=cheap ubiquitous renewable energy) : When we have free energy (=cheap ubiquitous renewable energy), in any convenient way technology, we are able to desalinate the sea water, to drinkable water, and restore the lost since very ancient times drinkable water abundance of the planet

8) Wonderful application of HHO in heating the home: An HHO home heating Unit which manufactured and sold by 

It is based on the renewable energy property of oxydrogen (HHO) when burned upon metals (and ceramics) to release more  thermal energy, than the energy given to make the electrolysis of water and produced the HHO. Most probably this energy too is extracted from the heat of aether at an atomic level.Most probably this energy  is extracted from the heat of aether at an atomic level.

With 300w consumption of electric power (as a home computer), it produces 3 litters of hydrogen per minute, and creates 28.5 litters per minute hot air at 125 farheneit degrees, that can heat up to 1500 square feet house.
The company also sells detailed plans at 39$ to manufacture yourself the unit which is of law technology: All materials can be found in an ordinary hardware store.
In the detailed plans is also included how to apply it to your car and increase its mileage or decrease the cost of moving it.

9) More remarkable applications can be based  on the renewable energy property of oxyhydrogen or water-gas  (HHO) when burned upon metals (and ceramics) to release more  thermal energy, than the energy given to make the electrolysis of water that produced the HHO.Most probably this energy  is extracted from the heat of aether at an atomic level.
For example we may generate electricity or hydrogen from sea water, or desalinate sea water using no other input tangible fuel, other than the sea water

The next list is an example of such a process, based on low technology, e.g. a high school laboratory:

a) Electricity from a battery , applies electrolysis to sea water, to produce HHO
b) The HHO is burned on a classical stove (it is here that the physical reality adds extra energy from the micro-scale of atoms, as HHO is burned on metals) where it is boiled sea water. Alternatively part of HHO is used to extract hydrogen for external to the process uses, by separating it from oxygen. 
c) Part of the steam of the boiling sea water is distilled by cooling the steam , producing pure drinkable distilled water.
d) Part of the steam runs a steam engine (e.g. a Stirling engine or other) that produces electricity. Alternatively cheap renewable energy electricity could be produced by other methods, e.g. as those described in   , e.g. Kapanadze method with coils. Or alternatively ceap renewable  energy electricity could be produced by methods like combining  the inventions of  the engine and the generator as  in
e) This electricity is feeding the battery that is used for the electrolysis.

Because of the phases a) and b) (or d)) we have energy gain, so in total the process is self-sustained as far as  energy is concerned.

Obviously margin for efficiency improvements does exist here, and the production power at the initial designs may be limited, but at least it is self-sustained no-fossil fuels, clean energy from CO2 , and also cheap production. 

The site mentioned above that organizes competitions gives prizes to inventors of cheap and clean ubiquitous renewable energy. There are already partcipants that have developped energy units that extract renewable energy from the heat of aether through HHO, as energy production units.

The conclusion is that with such simple protocols , we may desalinate the sea water in to drinkable distilled water.  The sea water desalination is probably one of the greatest benevolent planetary scale water projects , together with the lake-creation from rains and it is a vast advantage and a restoration of the drinkable water abundance of the planet. There is no way that we would ever utilize oil to desalinate water. It would cost many trillion dollars. But with such   renewable energy through HHO-burning, we may desalinate the sea water, saving millions of lives every year. We may compare this energy self-sustained simple method with other as mentioned in 7)
Small dry islands of the Mediterranean , and of the  Oceans , can be converted in to green paradises , with such free-energy desalination.